R&D Units

The R&D QMill isengineered to meet the requirements of R&D labs, where new product are developed and micronization process is requested on small quantities (from minimum 1g to few kgs).

All connections of components are made to be in compliance with cGMPs and to assure quick and easy assembling and disassembling operations. The number of components is reduced at minimum in order to speed up also cleaning and validation activities.

The R&D QMill may be easily integrated into FPS isolators to allow the process of very high active or sterile products.


The QMill-2 is designed for R&D laboratory needs. Starting PSD of raw material is 1mm approx. Bench top design assures easy placement on any laboratory desk or hood.

The QMill-2 is engineered to give high product yield with batch size from 1g to 3kg with productivity from 0.01 to 1kg/h. The QMill-2 may be easily integrated within an FPS isolator system for the safe handling and processing of high potent API or toxic products.