FPS delivers high containment isolator systems for R&D and QC Lab

FPS recently supplied a complete system of high containment isolators for R&D and QC Lab to a global pharmaceutical company. 

A dedicated team worked closely with the client throughout the project to ensure that specific requirements were met, and superior quality of manufacture and containment levels were maintained. 

The system is the right solution for pharmaceutical industries that require the highest containment levels during manipulations of potentially hazardous compounds for research & development, production and in process quality control.

The system is composed of many different isolators, each designed for a specific containment task:

-          Reactors and glass-ware for chemical synthesis, in different sizes and configurations according R&D needs

-          Tray Dryer for material drying under controlled conditions

-          HPLC operations

-          Wet analysis on product

-          Dry analysis on product

-          In Process controls

-          Weighting

-          Equipment and final product discharging

Typical configuration considers a double containment approach (introduced by FPS in 2011) to enter and exit from the main operation chamber.

Each isolator is equipped with a turbulent air flow system and constantly guarantees a pressure gradient between the chambers and the lab environment. PLC controls and dedicated HMI allows easy operations and equipment control, fully integrated to the plant.

The key advantages of this system is the maximum flexibility during all activities, the comfort for the operator, who can perform all process in one complete and integrated system, and the high containment level guaranteed in each step.

In the next months FPS will be present at some most important events all over the world. You can touch and play with one of our R&D and Lab isolator during POWTECH (SPECIAL AREA stand 3A-S70), Expoquimia and CPhI WW events. 

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