Industry 4.0: a closed micronization system

Recently, FPS and a major European manufacturer of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) had to face a challenging project concerning the micronization process of a specific product. In our R&D and Test Centre trials have been performed in order to obtain the requested performance in term of final PSD (Particle Size Distribution) and productivity. Our process specialist, in collaboration with the customer, studied and tested in detail the geometric and process parameters to maximize the requested results.

The requested system is designed considering four different steps: product charging, product micronising, separation of product from process gas, product discharging and packing-off system.

The product is charged in an isolator that is installed on the first floor. An automated drum lifting and turning device is provided to connect the drum, that contains the product, to the isolator for powder discharging. Inside the isolator the bag is opened and the product is transported into the dosing hopper, at ground floor, by gravity. In order to achieve better control of the dosing phase a gravimetric dosing unit is installed. Micronized product is transported through a dedicated line to the separation cyclone filter installed on the first floor to the side of the charging isolator. Micronized powder is recovered and discharged by means of a dedicated pack-off discharging system completed with an automated weighing system.


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